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Minimal Tower Defense is a strategy game where you try to defeat waves of enemies, or Blobs, before they reach your tower. Of course, its less of a tower and more of a redish square on the right side of the screen, but whatever.

Mo' details -

Play it -

I used the open source game Processed Tower Defense to make this game.






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Not bad!

Would go a long way with some proper art though. :)

If you don't intend to make detailed art for it you could make the game more appealing by taking a good look at the colors. Right now there are bright yellow enemies and towers against a white background. Even with simple shapes like this you could use the colors to establish a style for the game. Now the colors are kind of random which does not really help it. There are many minimal art games which use a color palette that you could take inspiration from.


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Not a fan of the choices of colours, I think there's a lack of consistency or correlation so I can't make sense of it. Makes it feel haphazard.

The game is good though, I played a few rounds. I think perhaps some significant way to tell the enemy types apart would be good. Either size or design, because I don't really remember what colour did what.

Looking forward to watching this grow! :D

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