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My last game was created with phaser 2.4 and I used bitmaptext, which worked well but the game itself had performance issues. 

Since updating to phaser version > 2.6, my bitmaptexts now look pixelated, especially when used at smaller font sizes and scaled down.

Had anyone experienced this? How can it be fixed?

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Currently with later Phaser versions, my game runs steadily with full 60fps, this bitmaptext problem is the only issue that I have now. The only other option I have is to create bitmap fonts with the exact sizes that I use in-game but I hope there's another way to fix this.

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I do exactly that: create bitmap fonts at the exact size they'll be in game. That's the only I know of to control how they look. Another option might be to generate the text you'll need during preload and store them in the cache at the proper size. When you need them you could then pull them out of the cache like any other image.

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