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I'm also new to this  forum but I think you should've posted this in Game Showcase section.

I've played it a bit, here's some feedback:

-I like the background but I would get rid of the white outline around the bear and the eucalipt leaves. Also the eucalipt leaves animation it's a bit annoying.

-The game GUI takes up too much screen space - you could've placed the buttons in a "dead" gameplay area - like on bottom right and left side.

-It's not clear what the purpose of the game is - a short tut image at the beginning would help. I got it though, you gotta pick the leaves before the time expires.

-A score display at the end each play would make this so much better as to motivate the player to keep trying or congratulate him. There's also no higscore displayed in the main menu.

-A bit of color harmony would also make this more appealing - I'm talking about the yellow stars - I would've made them green.

-I do like the way the menu screen transitions. I would have it less cluttered though.

I hope you don't feel offended by my feedback - the game has potential (and probably so do you) but there's also room for improvement. The ability to listen to criticism it's what makes us grow as game devs.

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