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First HTML5 Game Released - Greedy Panda (with screenshots!)

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I completed making my first game, Greedy Panda and wanted to post it here for all to see.

I tried to go for a casual mobile feel, it's an endless runner, not too hard.

Would appreciate any feedback people are willing to provide.

Kind regards,




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Sorry, uploading what the game looks like might be useful,

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This is really fun. Love the perspective :D I'd say it's too easy, but then I'm probably just that good :P haha

It does get a little repetitive after a few thousand points. There needs to be some change of pace in the game. And the way the items appear is a little far down the screen. Try to get them to appear at the top of the road and come down. Maybe fiddle with the alpha and the initial size. It's a really nice effect.

Same with the background elements on the side, try to work on the tween too. The road tiles are good, but it's easier on the eyes if you make them into tall rectangles; our eyes can follow the motion better. Also, adding a shadow beneath the food and bombs makes it easier to gauge when to move to dodge and collect.

The other suggestion would be to give him a jump :o

Overall, it wraps together so nice and clean I really like it. The art is good! The game is fun, lot's of potential here.

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