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Blob Bop


"Pop as many monsters as you can in limited time! Watch out you have to either do single click or double click to clear them from the board!"

GAME LINK: http://www.coolgames.com/en/blob-bop.html

Our very first HTML5 game made with Phaser (from a couple of months ago). A whack-a-mole game that works best on touch screens but you can still play it with a mouse

BlobBopScreenshot3.jpg BlobBopScreenshot2.jpg

Constructive criticism welcome! :) Always fun to hear what could've been done better.




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I didn't know I wasn't meant to hit the red one!!!

Ahh :rolleyes: didn't read the instructions properly haha. I like games like this. Putting my mouse through the works. Great style and finish, feels really nice. Can't think of anything I'd change, but maybe adding a few bonuses, like bomb to kill all etc. would be fun. Power ups always add a nice dynamic.

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22 hours ago, BdR said:

The graphcs and sound effects are nice, but the gameplay doesn't seem to have any strategy to it. I mean there's no combos, no twists, no deeper rules, you just tap and that's it. Not very rewarding.

That's true! Maybe we'll make a sequel with a little deeper gameplay at some point. We did not want to make our first HTML5 project too big.

It is something that bugged me as well.

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