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[Phaser] My last game "The freaking awesome slalom!"

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Recently I saw that last year, while I was reading the last Interphase I made a mini game and I didn´t upload it to any place... so I just uploaded to gamejolt and you can give me some feedback :)

The game is basically the one @rich put in Interphase (you should read this if you didn´t) just with a few tweaks and well, me and my gf are the main characters, so it´s pretty cool at least for me :D

Published in Android too, and as usual, waiting for Apple to test/approve it...



Apple soon...






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2 hours ago, LoSboccacc said:

nice! I do miss the ability of going straight, and of course the yeti.


press F to pay speed to the yeti.

Never going straight! That´s tooooo easy, mate. Just sliiiiide down the hill :)

P.S. The Yeti thing, maybe for another game but not original at all, I should think about something different, with flames and spikes if possible.

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