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Import and start mesh keyframe animation from Blender

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I have imported a Blender scene which has a mesh with an animation (consisting of just a few keyframes) and I am looking to control the animation, however I have been unsuccessful. The only resources I have been able to find relate to using skeletons imported from Blender, not basic keyframe animations (unless I am missing something?).

Example playground:

The animation data is located on line 20 of the playground.

I have tried calling scene.beginAnimation('rotation animation', 0, 30, true); in the scene.executeWhenReady function to no avail.

Hopefully somebody can help? Thanks!

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Thanks for this - I initially struggled to work out what you'd done - but then realised....


1) extract the JSON text out of the babylon file from Blender and then add the mesh elements to be animated.  :)


I've now got a 4 mesh model with 3 parts which are animated and one which isn't all loaded and working..! :)


Cheers, thanks for sharing!


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