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[Satsuma Audio] - Professional, Affordable Sound & Music

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Hi there!

Lawrence Steele here and I run Satsuma Audio, a provider of high quality music and sound effects for video games.
I have no particular sentimental affinity for the satsuma, just thought it was a catchy name :)

I am an experienced composer and sound designer, and have created audio for 45+ titles in a wide variety of styles. I've been into computer games and music pretty much my entire life so to combine the two to make a living is pretty damn awesome. I am extremely passionate about my work and strive to create something outstanding for every project I work on. 
(I'm also not good at starting sentences that don't begin with "I" ...)

Some of my recent projects include:

* Tabletop Simulator - Popular physics based board game engine.
* WarBits - Highly polished turn based strategy on iOS
* Asgard Run - Viking themed 3D endless runner on mobile.
* Crazy Seahorses - Zany mobile sidescroller. 

You can check out more about me and my work on my website, alternatively read on...


One thing I love about writing music for games is you never know what style you will end up writing in next.

Over the years I have composed everything from orchestral to chiptunes, gangsta beats, spooky jazz, happy puzzle themes, fast-paced bluegrass and of course... dubstep!

For a wider selection of my work you can check out the audio page of my website. Or also the super awesome video show reel that should be located directly underneath this sentence.

(Image links to YouTube video)


I was first drawn to game audio by my love of writing music but soon discovered the wonders of sound design and now find it just as enjoyable and creatively rewarding as music composition.

I've created SFX for a whole bunch of different games, most notable would be browser based MMORPG SideQuest which saw me create many hundreds of sounds for monsters, spells, skills etc.
Another recent SFX project is iOS turn based strategy title WarBits for which I created a nice mix of retro interface sounds and big explosions! (WarBits trailer here)

I also have experience and knowledge of the latest in game audio software packages and middleware, including Unity, FMOD and WWise. Now that FMOD, WWise and Fabric are all free to use for indies, if anyone's working on a project which could be enhanced by one of these programs, let me know, I would love to be involved!

Here's the SFX showreel video...

(Image links to YouTube video)


When it comes to pricing I try and be as flexible and affordable as possible. My rates are 'indie-friendly' and I am always open for negotiation and willing to adjust to suit budgets of varying sizes.

I always consider revenue share options and other payment methods too if the project seems like it will be especially fun or creatively rewarding to work on.


So if you have any sound or music needs for your projects please get in touch, no job too big or small!

You can reach me at:

Or check out more about me and my work on my site

TL;DR - I make sounds, maybe I make sounds for you?

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