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My babylon js game

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I am making a step-by-step strategy game (like Fallout tactics, JA2)
i uploaded demo on the site. You can test it now.
i am working alone and it is my first experience with babylon engine.

i am going to make online PvP battles (in the future), but now you can play with bots only.
I made some levels and the boss in the end.

Now you can:
-run on the map, bots will run to you;
-change the player (by clicking on the bottom icons);
-shot the bots, kill bots  (bots have simple ai and can kill you);
-use 3 types of weapons (sword, gun and melee);
-open the inventory, move items in the inventory;
-finish your turn and see enemie's turn;
-refresh browser window (server saves the state).
-your players can hide in "invisible mode" (invisible icon located near the inventory icon)

Some models do not have textures, it is ok. GUI is quite simple. AI is stupid now.
(game is using php server for bot's AI calculatiuons, so you can't play offline)
Thank you.



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added screenshot
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10 hours ago, kpgbrink said:

It looks really cool. I've played a game like this before irl. Are you basing this off of a real game or are you making it up as you go along?

Thank you. i'm trying to realize my own ideas. Maybe some things exist in other games too.


1 hour ago, iiceman said:

@mouse_max Awesome! I really like this kind of game. I noticed that you got a really really cool highlighting when hovering over a unit. Can you tell me how to do that? Maybe show it in a playground? This highlighting seems to work really well and has nice sharp edges, but I didn't find it in your code.

Thank you. i'm using mesh.renderOutline for highlighting.

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