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I've attended a PGG All Access game jam (a local jam aimed to raise awarness to accesibility in games), during which I've made a game with my younger daughter (10yo).  The game is a bit weird and tells a story about a happy relationship betwieen two cups (symbolized by their joyful dance) and envy that leads the evil fork Othello to violence. You play the game simply by pressing space whenever you'll see (or hear) the fork Othelon on the screen. My daughter made all the graphics (I've redone some of them to animate the cups) and recorded the voiceovers. The game is made with Phaser.

2017-12-09 10_16_17-Zespół Tańca Ludowego Naczyń Połączonych by blackmoondev.png

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New game by BlackMoon:) It's called "Twinz" and it's a cute perception based puzzle game. You can play it against the clock or against a friend in a local multiplayer mode. We have an online multiplayer mode for this game nearly completed as well. 

Play the game in your browser at

All the feedback is most welcome as always:)

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A new game jam game:) This was has been made in Phaser for Global Game Jam this January. It's called "Seba Krul Wienzienia" and it tells a story about a young criminal, who needs to gain power and influence by transmitting secret messeges while in jail. 

Check the game at


2018-02-21 11_16_14-Seba Krul Wienzienia by blackmoondev.png

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