Bushed Bricks: puzzle game on JS

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"Bushed Bricks" it's simple and fun game on JavaScript. The rules of the game are simple. You need to combine blocks of the same color. When a block reaches x4 (default by desktop), you can move it to the line similar color. You'll get game points for that. To win, you need on hold 400 steps or earn 5000 points.

To controls use navigation keys (← ↑↓→) for desktop or swipe for tablet/mobile

Play it here:

Source code:

On desktop it looks like this:


On mobile devices:


I'll be glad to hear your opinion about my game.

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2 hours ago, 0ctothorp said:

Looks nice, but it NEEDS animations! :)


27 minutes ago, Snijder said:

Looks good, but indeed needs animations.

Agree. I'm working on it. I'll try to implement this in one of the next updates. Thanks!


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