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slaim.io: 2d shooter arena with slimes, AK-47 and katanas

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Hi! We are Lubiterum, an indie spanish studio. We've published our first ".io" game and we are looking for feedback :D



Slaim.io is a fast-action competitive arcade game in which you play as a slime armed with a gun and a katana and try to kill the other players round after round.


  • Skill-based gameplay
  • Compete round after round with up to 8 players per room
  • Simple and addictive game mechanics, even a slime can play it!
  • Optimized netcode for fast smooth slime-action
  • Cute pixel aesthetic and old school game feel for retro lovers and new players alike


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Looks nice, but very unfair.  I got dead multiple times in a row ... reasons being:

1) My gun is smaller than his gun, it shoots less bullets, it shoots less far.

2) A bullet hit me ... that didn't.

3) He's invulnerable but I'm not.

4) I move slow but he moves fast ... was it a dash or a teleport?

= rage quit.

Suggestion - think more about auto-balancing.  And add cursor keys for lefties.

Edit: I played again, and I was the tormentor (camper always wins).  I liked the movement of the bushes.

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Great work! Really addictive game. Slash an opponent with kantana is really cool.

Though there are several questions for me:

1. It is laggy and sometimes cause bad experience. Actually when I kill an enemy with kantana, 80% times he also kills me.

2. I don't know if the rank means anything, and when I collect enough gene and become super slam, I don't know if it is invincible.

3. The game is too short. May be use the rule "Who kills 30 first wins" is better for me.

4. AK47 is too powerful

And again, great work!

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Pretty sweet, the gameplay was intens and fun. Died a lot but I that's probably because I haven't spend enough time in the game yet.

I'd say that the text can be a bit hard to read. I feel like the font is a bit hard to read and thus doesn't really work for a game where you can't just simply stand to the side and take your time to read what's on the screen. I think that an eassier to read fon would be better.

Other then that the game felt pretty smooth. Awesome work!

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