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Hi there!
I'm new around here, and I'm quite new to JS and especially Phaser. I did a little bit of AS3 a few years back but I'm still pretty rusty, so right now I'm not really able to pull off what I have in mind. I hope you guys can help me out a bit!

So, first things first, I am using a multi-state, multi-file-structure to keep it clean. I have succeeded in writing two classes which both have their own file, expanding Sprite and Group.

This here is the constructor for the Class that uses Group, nothing fancy.

Board = function (game) {, game);
Board.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Group.prototype);
Board.prototype.constructor = Board;

Board.prototype.update = function() {  	

1. My first Problem is this: In this class, I have a function that is supposed to add Sprites to the Group in a specific manner: = function(Board_plan) {  
	for (var i=0; i < 3; i++) {
		for (var ii=0; ii < Board_plan[1].length; ii++) {
			sprite = this.create(ii*100, i*140, 'board_blank');

In my preloader state, I load board_blank, and I'm able to use it in my main State without problems. When I create a new "Board" and then use this function, I get "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getImage' of undefined"  though. If I don't give a Sprite to the function and let it use the default, it works like a charm. I tried to retrieve the Sprite via cache (providing game to the function, then game.cache.getImage), didn't work either.

So, how can I access my Sprite key from within extzernal classes or make them global or something?


2. Here's another one: 

The Sprite Class I mentioned earlier is meant for a certain type of game objects that I want to keep throughout my states. It carries a number of variables with specific values for each instance I'm creating. A bit like characters with different stats, which can be changed at any time and should therefore not be cleared ever. I understand that I have to instanciate them as global, which works so far. The problem is, if I add them to existing in one state, then switch to the next, my global variable is empty, I suppose because all sprites are cleared at the end of a state?

So how would I solve this? Would It maybe be a better Idea to not expand Sprite, but also Group instead and then just add new instances of sprites on demand instead of relying on a single "base sprite"? 


There's more, but I think that's enough for now :D I appreciate for any help! Thank you!

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(1) Cannot read property 'getImage' of undefined isn't a missing cache item. It's hard to tell from the code but it could be a bad `game` reference was set/passed somewhere. I think you'll have to debug that statement, find the undefined reference, and trace it back to your code.


sprite = this.create(ii*100, i*140, 'board_blank');

sprite is a Display Object and board_blank is a key identifying an image in the cache. The key is enough to retrieve the image (if it exists). If it doesn't, you'll get a console warning and the sprite will show the "missing" texture (X), but no error.

(2) If you just a need a history of sorts to read and write to throughout the game, you can use something like

game.stats = {
  player: { /* … */ }

If you want to use more "permanent" objects, you might instead create a new class (Character?) that can hold a sprite instance.

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Thank you very much for your answer! The first error really did disappear after I sorted out some unnecessary complicated processes that lead up to that line :)

For the second problem, I'm now using a global variable that holds the character instance which holds the specific sprite key. Then I just add sprites to the state whenever needed using that key.

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