How marketjs works?

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I have submitted a game to marketjs and It has been approved. I see that I have some earnings next to my developer name. But there is nothing in developer dashboard, no sales statistics, no details about deal history. Only thing I see is how to edit the game. 

How do I receive the payment?

If anyone is working with marketjs. Can someone please explain how it works?

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MarketJS seems to only sell their games and to whom - I have no idea, I really can't find their games on popular online sponsor portals, but I'm pretty sure they make good money, as they keep releasing high quality HTML5 games. Probably they have offline clients and also do reskin/contract work.

Let me also use this post to clarify one thing - I have never accused @True Valhalla of lying about his income, I have only desired more info. I'm sure he makes good income from such deals too, and have only tried to request more information. I'm sorry that he took my questions as an accusation, and I hope this clears his doubts that I have anything personal against him.

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Thanks everyone for replies. 

My game is present in their listing and it looks like it had been sold to people. I tried contacting them and auto mail reply said they reply within 12 hours but still i got no reply. Their contact page have only queries related to people who want to buy their game. No specific query for game developers. So I had to use general Inquiry.  There is no way to withdraw payments, or see deal history. 

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