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Fog is closer at center of view

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I'm trying out the fog feature in a scene, and having trouble getting it behave in a way that makes sense visually.

The trouble is, linear fog is much stronger in the center of the viewport than at the edges. E.g in this demo - at first you should see a certain number of cubes directly in front of the camera, but if you rotate the camera you'll be able to see a further cube that wasn't visible initially.

I assume this happens because fog distance is being calculated as distance from the camera along the camera vector, rather than just distance from the camera.

Is this a bug, or a feature, or something that can be worked around? Thanks!

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It is not a physical fog but a distance fog.

Distance is computed here:


As you can see the distance if from the vertex to the camera (on z axis). 


It is fairly easy to change it to len( (view * worldPos) ) which, I agree, makes more sense


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