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Hi all!

I'm newbie to game development. I just complete my first game, a simple game using HTML5 canvas, and express. I have NodeJS npm installed and i run my game locally in my PC as npm game.js. The question is that now i want this game to upload to a server where different users from different devices play the game. Is it works like we upload normal sites to domains or different. Please help!


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Basically your server code will be different from your client-side code, as it will be running on NodeJS.

You'll host it on a server (small vps's like linode / namecheap is ok, though you can also use azure / google cloud / amazon for overkill), you will have to open ports, then upload your server script then run it.

You gotta figure out the connection & gameplay flow, indexing of all player's sockets, masking of millisecond delays / lags w/ interpolations, etc etc.

You might also want to check out my sig, I've covered a bit about the networking part of multiplayer HTML5.

I'm also currently making a multiplayer one so if you need assistance just hit me up ;)

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