Colorize - puzzle game

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I agree. The difficulty is beyond challenging in my opinion. There you have gone a little too far I think. I always divide difficulty levels in 3 possible stages. The first one is when your game is too easy and therefore basically boring. The second one is when your game is hard and therefore challenging, which is just perfect. And the third one is what I call the impossible stage where you have to try endlessly to pass a level before you get to the next one and end up losing anyway. Your game pretty much comes close to the third one. Changing the game dynamics wont solve this difficulty issue, but what about adding a coin system? Something like gathering coins so the player gets more score? Or use those coins to buy a way to replay the current level instead of starting all over again? I think, such a thing would seriously make the game a lot more fun to play because the idea is good, the music is good and the graphics are.

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Very difficult game indeed. Also I noticed that clouds scroll really fast after you switch back to the inactive tab the game is in. 

Maybe add some kind of emitter to the character to explain floating in the air? 

Also tutorial would be nice - was a bit lost what to do at first.

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