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Connect 4, 1 & 2 Player

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Hey guys, here's my first post. I made this game around a year ago in 2 days as a demo for someone. 

The game is the classic old connect 4 game you'd play with siblings in long car rides. It features score keeping, two player mode and an AI that you can play against.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)


P.S There is also a link to the github repo on the page above.

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Wow, can't believe you made this in two days. Very nice graphics, audio, and gameplay.

At first I got stuck at the beginning title ("Nicholas Mordecai - Connect 4 Game Sample") and it took about 15 seconds for it to go to the main title screen. If that screen is a loading screen, you might want to add a message saying "loading - please wait".

Also I had trouble with the sign with the robot and two people because I didn't know that it was a button you were supposed to click. Maybe add a "Select Mode" title and label what each of the pictures mean.

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