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Camera view matrix computed for each frame

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Hi everyone,


First of all, happy new year and thanks for this amazing webgl engine.


I noticed the view matrix of the camera is computed for each frame when BABYLON.Camera.prototype.getViewMatrix is called by BABYLON.Scene.prototype._renderForCamera (called by BABYLON.Scene.prototype.render).


BABYLON.Camera.prototype.getViewMatrix is in two parts:

this._computedViewMatrix = this._getViewMatrix();// BABYLON.Camera.prototype._getViewMatrix is overrided in sub-classes (ArcRotateCamera and FreeCamera compute for each frame a matrix and return it)


if (this.parent && this.parent.getWorldMatrix) {            if (!this._worldMatrix) {                this._worldMatrix = BABYLON.Matrix.Identity();            }            this._computedViewMatrix.invertToRef(this._worldMatrix);            this._worldMatrix.multiplyToRef(this.parent.getWorldMatrix(), this._computedViewMatrix);            this._computedViewMatrix.invert();            return this._computedViewMatrix;        }

which computes the view matrix if the camera has a parent.


Is it on purpose that the view matrix is computed for each frame? Is it better for the memory? (instead of caching values like it's done for the meshes; BABYLON.Mesh.prototype.computeWorldMatrix)

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Ok, thank for your fast reply :) .

I'm already working on a system that makes the job. (Because i really need it), maybe i can send you a pull request when i have finished (tomorrow) ?


(I'm also working on a system, based on this first one, that forces the wireframe display when the fps is shutting down when a camera is moving; of course it's optional and parametrable. Will you be interested by it ?).



Here what i have done so far :




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Really? I didn't check how you do the wireframe rendering but my first thought would be that's it's faster to render in wireframe mode. Weird. Anyway, I guess what JulienGobin uses here http://jsfiddle.net/JulienGobin/4QhX4/ could be modified to use a fastest material when the camera is moving (instead of wireframe). That's kind of cool.


this._scene.activeCamera.forceWireframe would be replaced by this._scene.activeCamera.forceFastestMaterial and the material would be set for the mesh in BABYLON.Mesh.prototype.render

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Thank for your reply, the new pull request (without the wireframe stuff) is here : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/126


For the wireframe stuff i'm really surprised that this display mode is worst than the normal one. I will force myself on more test next time ^^'.

(Edit : wrong link, my bad)

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