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[WIP] Babies and Toddlers Tablet Entertainment Portal

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Hi everyone,


I'm currently working with a few partners to launch "Tappy Town" our tablet based early-learning and entertainment hub for babies to preschoolers. We're trying to take on the children's app market and would love to get some feedback from anyone with a baby and an iPad :)


Our games hub currently has three web apps available: a bubble pop game, a particle paint app and a fun phone. Eventually there will be tools for learning ABCs, shapes, colors, numbers and more. Our target ages are about 9 months to 3 years. From the games hub there are no external links, no social networking links, no ads and no in-apps purchases. Ideally we want parents to bookmark it to their home screen so that their child can't accidentally hit the browser buttons.


Tappy Town is currently targetted for iPads (iOS6+) only. It should work on most Android tablets but sound will be an issue. Just launch your iPad browser and go to TappyTown.com and click the "Go" button.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope to officially launch once we have the first batch of five games done and posted in the coming weeks.





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Sound seems to work just fine on Android.

There are two problems that my daughter has with all touch screen games including yours.


Firstly, she usually holds the device with one hand and inevitably touches the screen with that hand. Therefore unless the game supports multitouch, she gets frustrated and stops playing.


Secondly, she usually misses what she tries to touch, then she'll move her finger closer to the object she wants to touch after she's already touching the screen. If the object doesn't react after she's moved her finger onto it, she gets frustrated and stops playing.



So in order for my daughter (and I'm guessing many other young children) to enjoy playing these games at all, they need to support multitouch and react on moving a finger onto an object, not just tapping it. I understand that'll be a little more difficult to program, but you try teaching a kid under 2 years old how to play a game.  :rolleyes:


Good luck.

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