Mesh quality drop in 3.0

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Hi, have someone noticed drop in render quality in 3.0 version especially in mobile? I have model exported from unity and it is sharp in 2.5 but in 3.0 on mobile safari it look like it would be optimised by default or upscaled from very small size.

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By default 3.0 forces the DPI to 100%. You can get rid of it and revert back to 2.5 behavior when creating the engine (set the 4th parameter to true: It will then adapt to pixel ratio).

But beware this can kill your performance (for instance it will render at nearly 4K on latest iphones)

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To get more control of specific devices, you need to probably find out what the display resolution is.  The OS may also need to be determined to detect mobile, not sure why though.

Perhaps, a compromise between 3.0 & 2.5 might be possible.  Say something like only if mobile & native resolution is 4k then scale back.  Not sure this has to be implemented in the frame work, but as the behavior is changing in 3.0 & it is alpha, a fine tuning PR might be accepted.  Someone who can approve PR's could of course shed more light.

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