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Hi all! My geme have a menu_1 with buttons, if you click some button, then over an old menu_1 creates a new menu_2 with new buttons, but buttons from menu_1 react for click even if it under of new menu_2. I mean, if my button have observable PointerUp and I am creates sprite over this button, then this button react for PointerUp anyway, even under sprite, how I can hide all Observable buttons under one big sprite, that it don't react for pointer, but when I am delete my big sprite, then buttons start react on poiter again? Thank :)

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Hi guys. Negrant, we still need testing playground... but... are you using standard sprite or Canvas2D-system Sprite2D?  Menu under sprite is using Canvas2D system, too?  (text2d, rect2d, group2d, etc?).  Just curious.

This COULD be related-to an issue that @royibernthal is having... here: 

You might need to turn-off the observable on menu, when covering sprite is activated (kludge work-around)... but I will keep thinking. Others may comment soon, too.

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