How to properly hide base mesh of instances?

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Hi everyone!

I'm building an infinite runner and exporting predefined blocks from Blender. In BJS I create instances of those block meshes exported from Blender and place them dynamically to create pathway for a character. So my aim is to use exported meshes as `blueprint` for instances creation.
What's the best way to hide a mesh exported from Blender and use it only as a reference to create instances of the mesh to place them dynamically?

Currently I'm just placing base meshes outside the skybox mesh to hide them and then create instances of those base meshes and place the instances inside skybox mesh where I need them to be.

Although that works I'm just wondering is there any better/proper way to hide base meshes?


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I just actually realized I can use isVisible property on a mesh to hide it instead of moving it outside of skybox.
But I'm still open to suggestions if there is even more better way of handling the scenario described above ;-)

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Hunh, I did not know that.  Cool!  Thx DK.  I thought SURE... setting instanceMaster.setEnabled(false)... would be "handed-along" to instances.


Nope, DK is correct, as usual.  Fascinating.  Property .visibility is a "live update" thing, but not .isEnabled().

Very good.  :)

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