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RPG/GTA style web game using google maps

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I've always enjoyed open world games, rpgs and adventures, and I always thought that a open world game using real world locations would be a great idea, mainly because I love to spend time with google maps just looking at how different places look. After some years thinking about it I finally have something I'm more or less happy with: real world locations, missions, turn-based fights and informal dialogues. I've reached a point where I need feedback about what I've coded until now, I think it is a good idea but I don't know what others think. I would be happy to hear any feedback you have about the game or what you think it would need to be implemented so it could be considered a game is worth investing time on it. It is fully playable using a web browser, responsive to mobile / tablet / desktop, just HTML and JS, no backend yet.

You can play the game in http://badassquest.davidmonllao.com, the game's website is its github page https://github.com/dmonllao/badassquest, it is coded as an engine on top of google maps JS APIs and Phaser that allow different stories, sharing the fights and points of interest systems. The game I've linked to is a story I thought would be catchy to start with.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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Thanks for looking at it @spinnerbox all your suggestions make sense.

There is no pause nor save game yet, I first wanted to have something that is worth playing.

At the moment the only achievements are for completing a set of missions, you become the city mayor, state governor.... But yeah, I will think about some basic achievements to add like first battle won, first extorted business, "level X reached, now you are a school renegade" lol.

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Thanks Bruno. It is a turn-based system, foes punch the player and when the message "Your turn, hit your enemies" appears the player is supposed to tap quickly over the foes. There is a bug in some mobile sizes though, the first foe gets stuck in the bottom right corner; it still hits you and you can hit it so the fight can continue, but the shaking foe in the corner does not look good.

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