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AppWarpS2 - Authoritative Multiplayer Gaming Server

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We’re excited to announce the alpha release of AppWarpS2, our on-premise gaming server solution!

We launched AppWarp cloud less than a year ago and have seen great adoption in the multiplayer developer community. One of the features often requested was the ability to host and extend the server side by the developers themselves. The release of AppWarpS2 fulfills those requirements.

AppWarpS2 allows developers to tap in and extend the same server engine that powers our cloud product. Using our server side libraries and SDK, developers have the ability to build their own full-fledged Java game server. Popular cloud features of matchmaking, room properties, arbitration, connection resiliency etc. are all available out of the box. On the client side, developers will use the same cross-platform SDKs (iOS, Android, WP, Flash, Unity, Marmalade etc.)  that they use when developing for the cloud.


AppWarpS2 comes with great getting started guides and samples for different scenarios and client platforms. From simple chat server to MMO applications and casino style card game samples are included in the package.

Conforming with ShepHertz developer-friendly strategy, AppWarpS2 will be free for developers up-to 500 CCUs. This is a high free threshold which spares developers of having to worry about license costs unless their games become wildly successful.

Visit our AppWarpS2 page to register, log-in and download the setup. Contact us on support@shephertz.comfor any further queries.

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