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Adding sprites and adding them to groups in the same line

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I looked at the documentation on how to create a sprite

It takes in the following parameters

  1. x
  2. y
  3. key
  4. frame
  5. group

It's very easy to add a sprite with just the first three parameters

car1 =, 400, 'car');

But it fails when I try to add the car to a group

car1 =, 400, 'car', objects);

If I went with the first declaration and then added


it will then work

I need to use the second declaration because my codebase is becoming way too large, and I need fewer lines.

Not sure, why this is failing. Maybe an update killed this functionality?

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46 minutes ago, samme said:

You need to omit frame (4):

car1 =, 400, 'car', null, objects);


I would like to thank you for your quick response.

Indeed, you must pass in something for all of the parameters, even if it's null. I got confused because the documentation said they were optional. Adding null to the frame parameter solves this issue.

Once again, thank you. This was very helpful for me

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