Phaser Typing Game

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Looking for a freelance developer to build a Phaser typing game. There maybe opportunities for future typing game work as well. We have the artwork.

Attached is the concept:

  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Type letters and words loaded form an external file
  • Type the correct letter or word to collect the stars and score points
  • Needs to work with a standard browser as well as a Safari iOS browser on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard.



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Hi there,

I am a freelance game developer with experience in Unity and in Phaser. If you are still looking for a developer for this project, please email me on
You can visit my LinkedIn profile here.



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Greetings from Red Apple Technologies!

I would like to connect to talk over partnership arrangements. We are a pioneer in the field of 2D/3D Game design & development, gamification, AR Games, Mobile App Development for iOS/ Android/Web, AR Apps, VR Apps,. We work in multiple platform with several Game Engines like HTML5/ Unreal/Unity/ Cocos2d/ Cocos2d-x.

We are one of the leading mobile app and game development companies.  We have a specialized mobile apps and mobile game development team and we are successfully working on different mobile games, mobile apps and 2D/3D art designing projects. 

Please find below the link of our portfolio:

App: Portfolio_Red Apple.pdf?dl=0
Game: portfolio_2017.pdf?dl=0
2D Art: portfolio_2017.pdf?dl=0
3D Art: portfolio_2017.pdf?dl=0

If you like our portfolios then please contact with me. You can reply this thread or you can mail me, email id:

Thanks & Regards,
Ashley Hannes


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