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Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?

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hello! ^_^

I was researching and I find that the vast majority of portals prefer or have requirements that their games are also mobile oriented.

Then I like to design and make games for pc. I have a good control when designing and I'm more satisfied with designing type games: platform, puzzle, etc ... where only the keyboard is used.

So, feel's a nuisance in having to also think about adapting the product to mobile or have to change some things already finished just to be able to enable the stupid mouse. But obvious (it all depends on the product) and if something does not work for x game, it just will not work.

But at the time of trying to sell my product or think about developing my product have in my head .. "shit, game portals may want something that suits mobile or there will be no sale" ..

Then my question:

Is it wrong to make html5 games just oriented to play on web / pc with keyboard?

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I would argue that it is not wrong per say, lots of money in the html5 market is through mobile so you would be cutting yourself off from a significant portion of funding. However, that can be easily offset through different design methods. You might notice most html5 games are simply cheap arcade style games, and these games often do best on mobile. If you were willing to put in the time to make a solid RPG, platformer, or mmo that specifically caters to a pc market, with intelegently designed revenue streams, you might find a lot of success. Just because few people choose to go that route, does not mean it's a bad one.

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@True Valhalla 

I understand that it is smarter to reach the demand, and that is one of the important points of html5.

I also mention it because I already have a finished product and wanted to know if I could have a little hope to be able to sell it. Since I have found that the most focusable here is the mobile market.

But also for games oriented to mobile is very difficult to find publishers or sales .. in my case worked a video game for mobile a few years ago and regardless of the quality, has still remains difficult to find some publisher and more than now I can make video games Of that quality and oriented in html5...

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