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Simple code minifier?

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UglifyJS is the defacto, as such there are multiple ways to include it into your project, its available as an 'executable' (via node) so any tooling can wrap it without worry, I'd suggest using the terminal to run your build process properly rather than rely on editor plugins. If you're set on editor plugins look for another uglify one, there will be a couple, maybe you're just using a dud one.

Closure Compiler used to be very popular, you might find a plugin that works better with that. Closure can be very powerful, powerful enough to break your code sometimes if you max the minification.

As you're on Windows I suggest using a bash emulator, Github ships a good bash shell that can be used with Windows. I say this because whilst most tooling you use in the JS world will run via node you might find plenty of stuff that expects a bash (or bourne) shell to work (which is unix) and you'll have more success getting stuff to run if you go that route. I'm a Mac or a Linux so maybe someone with more Windows experience could provide an alternative?

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44 minutes ago, yagerGames said:

Than the impossible task of getting it done on windows. Good lord!

Ha ha, maybe I'm underestimating the sheer horror!

Git bash used to work well when I was developing a port for windows store but, that was a looong time ago now.

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