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Found a slight typo in the introduction - "chapions" should be champions. Amazing art. I second what others have said - could use slightly more explanation at the beginning to understand that four operations are being used to make 42 kill the enemies as i found it confusing at first and had to restart. Great concept for a game.

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On 09/05/2017 at 9:44 AM, MysticJ said:

I like the concept of having to get the enemy to a number to defeat them. It has potential to be a fun teaching game. I only played a few minutes, but I enjoyed it.


By the way, was 42th intentional over 42nd?

I fix the "th" thing and other minor typos. hehe. Thanks!


I'll show you to education professionals, maybe get some investment. If I succeed I will give continuity to the game.

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Great little game!

How about some sort of special ability for each character and one being to "slow-down" the time? Another being to reload 2 points for a specific character. Or even being able to multiply by -1 (that last battle took me ages just because I had to build up points for the warrior to get out of the negative number area, which makes any other hero unusable).

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