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Render Clear Plastic

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I'm trying to render a crystal clear plastic object with really bad results. I need the render to be realistic and close as possible to the real one (see attached pics). Any suggestion or examples?



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Hi Thema, welcome to the forum!

I did a little playing...

There's lots of knobs to play-with, in there.  Make adjustments, press RUN over and over, make more saves, grab zips, you can't hurt anything in the playground.

I have put comments near some of the places-to-play.

There is a little func in there... called adjuster().  It does interesting changes to the reflection image (possibly correcting some things that happened during the sphere scaling/flattening).  You can turn ON/OFF adjuster() at line 44.

I disabled the skybox, because it was difficult to carefully the reflectionTexture.   I could see the skybox THRU the mesh.  (Too many images being painted on sphere.)  :) 

So, I decided to use a solid black scene.clearColor... for testing purposes. 

This might be a fun thing to play-with.  I had fun playing with it.  :)  kbyeee.

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