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The new photo editor

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Hi guys,

there is an online photo editor www.Photopea.com , which can open Photoshop files, Gimp Files, Sketch files and most of other existing image formats (even those, which browsers can not open by default, such as TIFF). There is a lot of useful resources in PSD / Gimp / Sketch formats on the web, and if you have been avoidng them because you didn't have the appropriate software, now you shouldn't ! :D

I am the author of Photopea and I am trying to get some response from the developers / designers community. Would you consider using it instead of your current program? It can replace Photoshop or Gimp to a large extent. There is also a built-in PNG minifier.

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Interesting! I checked it out a bit and it's missing several features like selecting multiple layers and such. However, I do think it's super impressive!

This could be extremely useful if I'd need to do some quick and simple editing or exporting without access to Photoshop.

Bookmarked! :D

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works only in browser,
not open source,
never used it before.

why would i use it when i have the mighty powerful Gimp and Krita (plus the time i spent learning them), ok maybe for a quick photo edit on someone else's computer. Nice work though, especially the png minifier.

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Thank you guys :)

@danyburton When you press File, Edit ... nothing happens? What browser do you use?

@Goblet Ed  Selecting multiple layers is an absolutely essential feature. You can do it in Photopea since the first release (4 years ago) in Layers panel, by holding Ctrl or Shift and selecting layers. How do you do that in your editor of choice? :)

@totor Thanks. You could use it for the same reason, why people use Photoshop instead of Gimp.  I believe Photopea is more powerful than Gimp (smart objects, adjustment layers, layer styles, spot healing brush ...) and it can open and save Photoshop files (PSD). Some filters work much faster in Photopea than in Gimp. But Krita has more drawing options than PP now.


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I usually select multiple layers on the artboard with ctrl + shift. I see that it's possible to select multiple layer in the layers panel but it is not possible directly from the artboard. If I have a hundred layers I am not going to search around for them in the layers panel. Instead I select the stuff I want in the artboard.

I can select a single layer by having the move tool active and use ctrl + mouse click. But it's not possible the select multiple layers in this way by ctrl + shift + clicking on the artboard.

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