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Hi y'all,

I'm having trouble getting the Webcam plugin running in my game for some reason. Seems like it should be simple enough judging by the example:

When I start the plugin from inside my Game state, the plugin starts, my browser asks for permission to access the camera, and then I get a completely blank screen - no output from the camera. Or the output is printing somewhere that's not being added to the game.

Here's my code: 

BasicGame.Game = function(game) {};

BasicGame.Game.prototype = {

    preload: function() {'webcam', '/src/utils/Webcam.js');

    create: function() {
        var webcam =;
        var bmd =, 450);
        var sprite = bmd.addToWorld();
        webcam.start(600, 450, bmd.context);

    update: function() {


The plugin is definitely added and then started so I really don't know what the issue is! Any help is appreciated :-)


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