New Math Game For Android Using Phaser JS

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Hi All,


This is my first game using PhaserJS ,packed using cordova.

Math Mind – is a mathematical game in which you have to solve a lot of interesting numerical problems within the given time duration, test your Math Mind on various numerical operations and, if necessary, to develop this skill.

Game Features:

- Three Game Modes
- Find the Operator - in this math game mode you have to find the correct operator which will make the given number from the other two numbers.;
- Find the Number - in this math game mode you have to find the missing number which will make the given number provided a number and an operator.;
- Geek Mode - This level is for Geek Math Mind Peoples as it has three types of questions randomly appearing.;

This Math Game makes the math fun.

Its free to download.

IOS version coming soon

please download and rate us it will help me in looking into more game development. :)

Play Store Link







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This is a very beautiful game! I love the UI :)

Curious though, why did you use Phaser for this? Not sure if this is very physics heavy, so I'm curious :)
Also, I want to create apps using Apache Cordova - where would I start to do so? How do you 'pack' html5 web apps using Cordova?


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@jpaik123 There are now really detailed instructions on packaging apps using cordova at their site, Failing that there must be several hundred articles and blogs on the subject, but, given that the cordova docs are now really good its always best sticking with that as you can be reasonably assured they'll be up to date.

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