location problem when exporting from blender

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@hunts : What do you mean by "location problem"?

15 hours ago, hunts said:

i have trouble trying to export my animated hand model, i've tried making the scale and rot of the mesh and armature bone the same thing, but it's still not working

And what is "still not working"?

Does it actually load, or are you getting an error when you try to export the arm?

Perhaps a little clarity on what the issue is?

cheers, gryff :)

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1 hour ago, hunts said:

@gryff i'm getting error when trying to export the arm:(

That is not a location problem.  If you are not running the latest exporter, delete the empty material on plane.  Log file should be posted for errors.

Looking at log file, this need massive work.  That simple arm is almost a quarter million triangles.  I am also seeing 12 influencers.

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@hunts ; Well the model has a number of problems. See image below.

1. Image (part A)

The arm has two materials but one seem to be undefined and has no name. However, in Edit Mode I can select that unnamed material in the box (blue colour) and then hit the "Select" button and i get all the verts associated with shirt sleeve. Needs to be sorted - assign materials properly.

2. Image (part B)

I object mode look at the modifiers - there are two - the armature and a "Multires" modifier. That modifier is set to "Preview = 3" and is producing 130,000+ verts (highlighted in purple at top of part B). Do you really want that many verts?

Delete that modifier and try re-exporting.

And it should work - except the normals are wrong.

cheers, gryff :)


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