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I think the problem was that you redefine the animations every frame and phaser doesn't like this.

Here is your example working:


Here is the slightly changed code: http://jppresents.net/static/examples/walk/walk.js

I move the animation creation to playerInit (and added a single frame stand animation).
Ignore the changes in preloadImageAssets, that was to fit my image files.

There is another small problem with your code, If you walk in two direction (up & right) at the same time, your code switches the animation from up to right every frame - this way the animation never advances to the next frame. You should restructure getPlayerInput() in a way that manages to only call one player.animations.play() at the end. You could create a variable in which you set the animation name during the key checks and then at the end call play with that value.

I changed the animation settting like I suggested in Edit1.

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