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[Phaser] Learn Languages with games!

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Hi all, I've been working on a language learning game called "Infinite" for the last year and I recently released a 4th version where I completely rewrote the app. I made Infinite because I saw that most educational apps have been following the same format as duolingo for over half a decade and I wanted to try something completely different that just focuses on one aspect of language learning, vocab acquisition.

I'm one of the few who uses Phaser solely for mobile apps and there's a story behind it. 2 years ago my friend and I were developing a language learning app focused on writing the alphabet of non-latin based languages. We were using html5 canvas for our writing recognition and I wanted to add some cool effects to the writing strokes, but had no idea how to do it and at the time, I couldn't print a "Hello World" from memory. I eventually stumbled upon Phaser and slowly learned how to program while making a bunch of little prototypes. Fast forward a few months and my friend, the programmer of the writing app, got married and took a month off. I decided to spend that month making a small language learning game with Phaser. I made a very simple game where you learn numbers and colors and released two identical apps on the play store, one for Japanese and one for Korean. Within a month both of them were getting ~1,500 downloads a day, which was better than our writing apps. I was pretty surprised because the game was clearly not finished, and you could blow through all the content within 30 minutes, but the vast majority of people only had positive things to say about it. Since Phaser was the only thing I had experience in, I continued to use Phaser even though I had no plans on doing anything with web. I then spend the next 3 months adding a lot more categories, hired professional voice actors to voice all the words, and added more languages, and the app really took off after that. The rest is history. Hope you enjoyed my story :)

Currently there are 10 languages on both iOS and Android: https://jernung.com/infinite


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18 hours ago, kaasis said:

If you ever will add Spanish, hit me up. Would love to play it, always wanted to learn Spanish but never even got started at basics. :D

Yep, I plan to add Spanish, but it might be a few months. I'm working on a Japanese version now.

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