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I'll be participating in a game jam in a month or so, and was hoping to use Babylon.js. However, I'm finding the workflow... less than optimal.

I'd like to able to use models and animations both from online resources and created my 3D artists on the day. The most common format appears to be fbx, which sadly is not supported by Babylon. So additional steps are required to convert to the .babylon format (with the use of yet another program, be it Blender or Unity). This is just too time consuming, arduous and error prone. A specific example: model appears inside-out and no way to switch facing between back, front and front_and_back.

I know Babylon is planning to support glTF, but the standard for glTF 2.0 has only just been finalised and is not presently supported widely. I would strongly recommend the support of .fbx if for nothing more than access to the existing library of assets.

So, questions:   
Is there a way of streamlining the workflow?
There are many great looking demos available. What pipeline did they use? What format were the assets?

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FBX is too much complicated and too closed to be used directly. This is why we support gltf (Furthermore FBX suffers from a lot of issues including problems with orientation and animations).

Regarding your FBX assets, I see several options:

- Loading them (and cleaning them) with either 3dsmax or blender.

- Using our FBX importation command line:


I know that a lot of people struggle to have a great pipeline when using FBX and this is clearly why we are HIGHLTY supportive of the gltf initiative :)

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That's a great pity, I was really wanted to use Babylon, but I need to get animations and model assets from somewhere and wouldn't know where to start with "cleaning them". Additionally, I can't dictate which software 3D modellers should use,

I've never used 3dsmax and I hate blender with the searing heat of a million suns.

While I applaud your commitment to glTF (I plan to use it myself in future projects) it is not yet widely supported.

Actually, this looks like an issue with many WebGL libraries.

Oh God! At this rate I may have to resort to Unity... sigh.

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 I hate blender with the searing heat of a million suns.

lol :)

The blender exporter should just work well (I see your other post, the cleaning in Blender is easy to do and I'm sure that if you share one model our god of Blender @gryff will kindly help you)

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