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What tools do you use?

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Clearly HTML5 gaming tools are hot right now, between Construct2 and GameMaker (which I haven't used), and all the frameworks like Impact.js, there are a lot to choose from.


Does anyone use more than one? Does anyone program the canvas directly? I love to hear from as many people as possible, especially seasoned developers.

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I used impactjs for the past year or so, but lately i'm moving to phaser due to better out-of-the-box touch/drag support. I really like impact but i also really like phaser so far.


then i use sublimetext2 for editing.


then i use git and bitbucket for version control and offsite backup.


for graphics touchups (i contract art out to people with a better eye for it than me) i have a subscription to adobe creative cloud.

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It's not a good idea to buy game maker studio , especially if you want it only for html5 games.


I don't think the frameworks are much different from each other , but you should experiment and see what fits you most.


For example, you'll find Phaser simple and easy to grab , But if you like coding your games from scratch you might not be all comfortable with it.


I've also heard good stuff about Create.js , and seen experienced people making very polished games with it.


Another good idea is to grab a rendering engine , like pixi.js and code your own games , Like this you can know your own functions and variable names and be more aware of how things are done , instead of memorizing a lot of functions.

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@stevefromio : regardless of the engine, getting the hang of mobile game dev (and optimization) takes quite a bit of time. Here we've been working with construct for half a year, and our workflow is just getting nice and smooth. And it's just trial and error unfortunately.

You can make html5 and wrapped games that work well on iOS and Android, you'll just have to go through the manual and Ahsley's blog to find where there are limitations. I'll only have one recommandation : use the scale outer, fullscreen in browser mode and make your UI responsive (anchor behavior + place specific items based on the screen size at the start of the layout). That's the main issue we have had working on mobile with construct.

Even if you got banned, I'd say there is a bigger wealth of organized resources in the manual and tutorial sections than in the forum, so you don't have to worry too much. Were you banned permanently ?

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I don't know. They said one week, but who knows. I don't think I ever want to go back. I mentioned to someone else who was having performance problem to check out adobe Flash (Air) for iOS, The Ashley dude went NUTS! I mean nuts.


I understand Construct 2 is a great tool, but I can't mention an alternative? Phew. As I spent $500 on a commercial license, and they don't after refunds after 24 hours, I will stick with it for now. I was hoping as a web developer for over 15 years that I wouldn't have to play the browser wars with HTML5 games. I guess I was wrong.


Thank you so much for your help,


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Thanks, I asked for a refund but they said no. They claim not having access to there forum isn't an excuse for a refund. They are probably right. I am starting to feel better now, and fighting over spammers gets you nowhere. Many people believe them, and there is nothing you can do about it.


I was thinking about TypeScript and createJS, especially if I want to go back and forth between Air (Flash) development, and HTML5. At least the API will stay consistent.

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I use openfl.or for Flash games. Openfl generates binaries for many targets (Android, iPhone, HTML, tizen, Blackberry...) but I really dislike the HTML results.

 My first game was a very.simple one ( Even  Or Odd). It was originally made for Android using  AndEngine.Since it is Avery trivial game and I have all assets for it every time I want to test a framework I develop a version of Even Or Odd.I tested many frameworks and I am sold out: Phaser is my tool for HTML games.I still will make some tests with PhoneGap and  Cocoon JS to see if I'll use them for native mobile games too ( Android, iOS, and is on). I highly reccomend you to give a try on Phaser.

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For programming I use JetBrains WebStorm with JavaScript and TypeScript, and Node.js. JavaScript is good enough for small scripts, such as implementing APIs and stuff. TypeScript is for one whole package (such as an engine, the game, editing tools). I need Node.js to run a small localhost service that automatically compile my files into my own packaged program and run the browser right away. This is exactly the same as pressing the Play button in Construct 2, but I can determine my own build configurations, up to sending my files automatically remote host, making automatic loggers during compile-time and run-time, setting versions, host server simulation, connecting with other editing tools, etc.


I use my own graphics engine (Canvas) cause I need better control. It's not enough performance compare to the dedicated ones, but I can do pretty much what I want. I'll be getting into WebGL after the core features are met as I really need a robust particle system, 3D effects and shaders. But of course, as long as it is still in the scope of 2D game development, not full 3D.

And no, for development time it will never be as fast as game maker tools. But when it comes to details, getting closer to the metal are easier for you to bend the game into the tiniest bit. At least full source access 3rd-party graphic libraries are too when you know them very well, since you can heavily modify them to your needs.


Other tools that I need are external content editing tools like TexturePacker and Spine. These ones of course I ain't going from scratch, just creating data importers.

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