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Object following an object by x and z only.

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Is that possible?

If I set it like that:

face.position.x = char.position.x

face.position.z = char.position.z

It will just stand still.

I currently have.

face.position = char.position

It makes the cube follow the mesh.

But, I want the cube on the head, but it is in the torso.


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:)  Also, look at this...

face.setPivotMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Translation(0, -something, 0));

That can move a face/head up or down.

Also...  you can try fun things like...

face.position.y = face.position.y + 2;
face.position.y = face.position.y - 2;

Fun with pivot/origin adjustings.  :)

After you perform up/down pivotMatrix adjustments or move-bake-unmove actions like these, it is sometimes fun to animate around the X-axis. It can make you smile...

scene.beforeRender =()=> {
     face.rotation.x += .005;

Offset rotation.  Pendulum-ing.  :)  Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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