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One of the killer new features in WebGL2 is the "sampler2DArray" uniform type. Apparently, we can use it to:



Texture arrays

A texture array is very similar to a 3D texture except that each slice is considered a separate texture. All the slices have to be the same size but this is a great way to give a shader access to hundreds of textures even though it only has a relatively small number of texture units. You can select the slice in your shader

EX: vec4 color = texture(someSampler2DArray, vec3(u, v, slice));

This would be a game changer for a project I'm working on, as it uses a shader which needs many textures as uniforms and we're hitting the limit regularly. Any thoughts on implementing this feature?

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1 minute ago, Deltakosh said:

We will :) But if you feel ok to implement it, please do:)


We could look into it. Can you give a little clue into where that would happen in the code? The current project is using ThreeJS but this could be the reason to switch :-)

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If webgl2 is supported (check engine.webGLVersion), you should do something like this:


and also update (and do the actual call) inside engine like here:


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