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How to import mesh from remote location

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I'm new to Babylon and try to load my mesh from a remote address. I put it in my aws s3 bucket and public it on aws cloudfront. So it is accessible via http request. Can I stringify .babylon file as json file and feed it to SceneLoader? And load it to my scene via ImportMesh("","", "data:mydatahere", scene, onsuccess, progressCallBack, onerror)? or is there a better way?



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Hi Deltakosh,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply! 

The first parameter of importMesh should be object's name, but, hi, it works. :)

babylon.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "myfile.babylon", scene, (mesh)=>{})

The model loaded correctly. but I get myfile.babylon.manifest?1499536899448 404(Not found). What's that means?

Also, How to load texture files so that it can be detected by my .babylon file?

Does AssetManager work the same? I can do 

addMeshTask("task", "myfile.babylon","", sceneFilename)


Thank so much for your help!


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