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state of anti-aliasing in VR-Rigs

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I'd like to know if there is a solution for eliminating the aliased output when using i.e. BABYLON.Camera.RIG_MODE_VR ? So far I understand the problem, it's the fact that the splitted output is done with a postprocess and therefore the postprocess for AA is lost???

Can the problem perhaps solved with another postprocess or other technique?

Thanks in advance


PS: I've found a playground where the aliasing proplem seems to be solved, but I can't figure out why ... oh I think the gridmaterial has its own AA-shader




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Hi JL, good to see you again.  Sorry if I'm interrupting.

There are two things worth checking-into (found via forum search for "anti-alias", btw ;) )....

1.  var camera = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera ("Camera", new BABYLON.Vector3 (-6.7, 1.2, -1.3), scene, false);  Play with that last Boolean. It toggles post-processes, but you may lose distortion compensation.  [thread]

2.  var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);  That last Boolean is the anti-alias on/off switch... I hear.  :)  [thread]

Things to experiment-with, anyway.  More comments coming soon, let's hope.

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HI Wingnut, thanks for your reply, I was missing your jokes :). Yes I can confirm on 1), false gives me perfect AA but I loose distortion compensation! And 2) is working well as an global flag. Its a real pity to have such jaggy edges especially when looking at the wonderful 3D world thru glasses :(

I think there must be a possibility to influence the postprocessing pipeline to manage this ??!!


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on a webgl2 compatible browser you can try to change the sample number of the render target to enable msaa on rendertarget.

the fxaa post process could also help in your case for none webgl2 browsers.

about the grid, it is integrating its own aa :-)

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