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@Deltakoshonce it works and looks clean, i would love to see ar.js as tightly integrated as you want.

The code is all available on https://github.com/jeromeetienne/AR.js/tree/master/babylon.js but it is currently far from being usable by 3rd party.


Currently it starts to works quite OK. (still some issue with window resize). once resize it done, i just need to find a good API.


*question*: Can you gimme provide urls to the source which handle window resize in babylon.js ? 

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arProfile = new ARjs.Profile()

arSession = new ARjs.Babylon.Session()





... the jist of it.

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...and sometimes mesh.visibility = [0.0 to 1.0]

...and sometimes mesh.setEnabled([bool]) is cool, too.

These 3js folk... (I think JE is from 3js land, mostly)... they just don't know about the object inspectors that are built-into browsers, eh?  ;) 

Console.dir(anything) works pretty good.  Certainly easier and faster than reading an API doc.  :)

Or, console.log(anything), then go to console and click on 'object' link.  I LOVE OI's.  Jet-powered learning curve flattener.

Ok, hi/bye.

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@Wingnut -> +1. Time to time, I enjoy the jet-powered, log(anything), step-inside, curve-flattener, myself. : ) Lol...you are the best (don't worry, I won't let the secret out [yet]).


CURRENT STATUS: Building demos with @jeromeetienne's awesome stuff. <He might b from 3DWeb-lands me thinks... but eh.>

He used the force, to mind control me, into publishing BABYLON demo into GitPages ( and_it_worked! ):


CyberWorld1- dedicated to you Mr. Wingnut. For no reason... other than (oh-snap) pink-electricity!?! : )

We design-alike.


Here are the best instructions to do the GitPages Publishing (for free hosting thing)... for anyone's interest.

 https://pages.github.com/   And for my certain amnesia later... How again?

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BJS - PBR in AR - check:


Whoever suggested PBR. Good idea.

This is a sphere reflecting a starbox, with some orbiting lightSphere's around it with a mirror plane below it.

Amazing we can render all of that... testing.


PROBLEM: Anyone know a tip, on how to scale the entire matrix down?

The mystery -> looks like viewMatrix is on the relative-small end of scale(above), with matrixWorld big.

Sphere (above) became angular after being reduced from 40.0 to 6.0 radius to fit into Projection.

Here is original BJS version (before turning off skybox and putting in AR and dropping radius):


This scene was created in part by a great babylon sandbox with PRB (thanks).

The planetary spheres were not changed. So you can see relative difference (between the two), for the scaling differences.


Explains strangeness from before, of things being off-screen.

And maybe this is a parameter or.... camera settings.

 I will dig into it. 


FIX-UPDATE: move marker away from the camera... : ) lol...

UPDATE2: super distant camera settings not having much effect...

Ah, I may know why...

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@Deltakosh Ah yeah!

Thanks for green light. 

Extension will work then.  Wasn't sure...

There is a dependency issue going on with super-heavy-asm-backend, in /libs (I think). A tad heavy.

All good stuff, (I need to look at), just needs organized. With BABYLON on the root, because, deep nesting in ar/babylon.js/examples/. Needs *-1.

So BABYLON.side, at root .index with /lib/arjs and all the options composable. Ah, ok....

And yep, an extension pattern will probably be helpful to unwind and pack variations on dependencies ... interesting.

I will check out extensions... thanks!


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