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What kind of games appeal to publishers?

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So, I was doing a bit of readup on making money on html5, and it seems that currently, selling licenses to your html5 games is your best bet at the moment. *nudges True Valhalla*


To this end, I then began to wonder what kind of games publishers are looking for, in terms of mechanics, aesthetics, dynamics, themes, etc... as I haven't a clue. : D


Also, will all controls have to be touch? Still trying to get used to non-keyboard controls. : /

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In that case, what kind of internal and external resolution would be best? (Internal, is the view size, external is the canvas dimensions, gm yay)

Also, how easily should the mechanics be able to be picked it? Super-quick?

And is sound necessary? Last time I made a html5 game, I had sound issues on IE9 and older, which I couldn't quite resolve. : / And they wouldn't work in my android browser either. >.< (Android 2.1) Is there anything I can do in-engine (Using gamemaker studio) that I can do to resolve issues like this, or will I have to resort to extensions?

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