[Phaser] Zombie Cannon Attack!

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Zombie Cannon Attack! is a zombie-themed endless runner, with cannons!


Cannon-fire test zombies to infect the local populace and create your very own rampaging zombie horde. Gather data and use it to upgrade your zombies and build the perfect undead army.

Available now on Play Store, download FREE here:

Created using Phaser, and packaged for Android with Cordova.

For further details see this blog post.


I'd appreciate any comments or feedback, and a download and rating on the Play Store would be fantastic. I'm also happy to answer any questions anyone might have.



I've recently released a Halloween update to the Android version. There's also now a web demo on Kongregate and Gamejolt, Gamejolt also has a downloadable desktop version.

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That's weird, I've seen that happen to me after I've changed something in the save info but I've no idea why it would happen to someone playing for the first time. Can you try using the delete save button and see if that fixes it please?

Also, were there any error messages in the console?

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Zombie Cannon Attack! has had a halloween update and is now also available on Gamejolt, both as a demo browser version and a downloadable full version made with nw.js

I've now released the web version on several portals as well as Android and Desktop versions. I'm planning to do a blog post soon(ish) on creating the various versions. If anyone has anything in particular they'd like me to cover then please let me know.

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