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Asynchronous Lazy Loading Mesh... example?

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   Looking around for a lazy-loading mesh example. There is assetManager and sceneLoader, with ImportMesh, .append() and .load() variations. All good there. : )


   Question: Which way is best to delay-load (lazy-load) 3D meshes? 


    The original hope was for AssetManager to be able to delay-load. Does it?

             - Looking for something like runTask, after init, but then found  ._runTask, so maybe delay not possible. Did I miss it? Idk. : )

     2) Next, sceneLoader.append, can it lazy-load? Couldn't find example.... 

     3) ImportMesh, my previous favorite way, but recently standardized around AssetManager, and hesitant to switch. etc. 

         Which is best to lazy-load?





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Thank you DK,

Exactly what is needed. Also makes sense why! Matrix multiply is my guess... (and then a bunch of runtime stuff) didn't think of that. 

Hopefully this helps others find the Babylon Incremental Loading System. : )

Super cool.

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