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Shower visualization

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Hi everybody:

These days I'm starting with a development involving the visualization of a shower.

The software must run in desktop and mobile (this last by means of an hybrid app).

In order to show the (falling) water I'm considering two strategies:

  1. chroma-keyed video with the water falling (I'm using both a mp4 and a webm containers);
  2. particles (I'm afraid of


As I am concerned about the performance penalty of using particles (it needs 30,000+ and motion blur in order to resemble a "real" shower), we are tackling first the video way.

Running a raw example from server, over Chrome (Win) and Safari (OSX), shows the alpha 100% clear:



With Firefox (Developer Edition / 56.0b1) the alpha channel is instead shown with a degree of opacity:



Do you think is possible to obtain a correct alpha in this last browser?

Best regards.


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Well, you're right.

Our production web-browser, FF Developer Edition (56.0b1),  claims to be "up to date", but checking the behavior on standard FF (54.0.1) shows the video alpha 100% transparent.

I'm going to re-install and if the problem is persistent we'll inform Mozilla about it.

Best regards.


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