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I am trying to convert this 3d blender file to a babylon file using the exporter. The problem is that I would like to rotate the X-Wing 180 degrees and whenever I try to export it, the model is changed for whatever reason. If anyone could do this for me or tell me what I am doing wrong, that would be awsome!



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Hiya B.

They are talking about scaling, but rotation might apply, too.  Try finding the correct way (control-A?) to bake (permanent-ize/freeze) the rotation (within Blender).

Notice it is done in Blender's OBJECT mode.  No promises, but it MIGHT work.  :)  Others may comment soon.  Thx for including a link to your .blend file - wise move.

Please report results.  Another fun thing to try... a checkbox in the exporter panel... something about "export using rotation Quaternions?".  THAT might also have some affect (guessing).  Be sure to search the forum, too.  Mis-rotated Blender imports is a common problem and has been grappled-with before.  Party on!

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Your objects are broken. I've not investigate too much, but as Wingnut said, scales must be applied (here scale is even negative!):


But it seems not be enough, I think you have to unparent all before starting to cleaning your meshes (alt + p > clear and keep), and making them unique (U key > object data). Clear animations key too for now (object > animation > clear keyframes). Delete modifiers too, and reassign their later. You will probably see some faces flipped, try patch with a ctrl + n in edit mode, or by hand with a W > F (flip normals).

Before playing with parenting and modifiers, try to reexport and see if errors occurs.

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@Bricktheworld : Agree with @V!nc3r and @Wingnut  - that negative scale is an issue.

Go with V!inc3r's suggested methods but let me add a couple of additional suggestions

1. The animations, if they are meant to be applied to just one object rather then instead of, for  example, Seat.000Action use Seat.0000-Action. Note the added hyphen.  It means that the animation will only be applied to the object named Seat.0000  and you won;'t see this in your .babylon file :


All animations applied to all objects.

2. And this is a suggestion until you have it solved use a Hemi lamp getting the meshes right will not be complicated by light and dark side of meshes 

good luck.

cheers, gryff :)

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