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Simple glLTF bone example

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I'd like to import a blender animation (a simple plane skinned to a single bone) via glTF into BJS-sandbox, but it looks weird, I get a black animated triangle. To keep it simplest as possible, I removed the texture in the attached GLTF-file.

Please can someone help or provide a functional sample (gltf or ideally in blender format)

Thanks in advance


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Sorry for the slow response. If you just need a glTF with skinning that works, the glTF sample models repo has a bunch of skinning examples that work. The simplest one being

That said, like @Deltakosh said, I am working on some bone fixes.

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@bghgary thank you for the response, yes I know all this examples, maybe my scenario is too far OFF from the glTF-reality, I'd like to bend a single mesh (with weighted vertices) only.

In most of the examples I've seen so far  the bones are connecting different meshes with full weight I think (even RiggedSimple.gltf seems to be using several meshes)

Let me tell what I found out so far:

Mesh1 (all vertices full weighted) ---bone--> Mesh2 (all vertices full weighted)  : OK works. (blender glTF-exporter -> BJS-Sandbox)

Mesh1 (from some vertices with no weight) --bone--> Mesh1(to other vertices full weighted) : NOT OK, vertices which are NOT full weighted are dropped. (blender glTF-exporter -> BJS-Sandbox)

Also there is a difference between BJS-Sandbox and threejsviewer (, which doesn't drop vertices bot also doesn't bend.

Conclusion: it seems in glTF weighted skinning is NOT supported, but maybe I'm wrong???  A functional blender-file would be very hepful if I'm wrong.



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